Paparazzi Style Photography?

What Is Paparazzi Style Photography?

– Its flair
– Its attitude
– Its style

We have all heard celebrities complain of being hounded by paparazzi

photographers; but for the rest of us, hiring a paparazzi photographer is great fun

and will make you and your guests feel like a million bucks. These candid images

have much more flavor than the stereotypical party photos that all look the same.

Paparazzi style photos are an impressive reminder of that special event or night on

the town.

Here’s how it works:

Personal Paparazzi Style

Personal Paparazzi Photos offer spice to your regular portrait photography. You

will discuss with your Personal Paparazzi what kind of candid images you would

like and we will create a stylish and distinctive paparazzi-style portrait that you can

keep or share. An exclusive image for your online profile

Event Paparazzi Style

Your Gala Paparazzi will come to the location of your event, and blend in among

your guests. Guests will have their photos taken at the start of the event as they

arrive and throughout the event as people start to get in a more festive mood. If

there are awards or speeches, we cover that as well. During the evening, cards

will be distributed with the web address where guests can view or download their

images free of copyright restrictions such as watermarks. I aim to upload photos

within 24 hours of the event where photos may be viewed on a public or private

(Password protected) gallery on our website. Depending on the number of guests

and hours of your event, you can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 to

200 photos.

Perfect for events such as receptions, stags, bachelorette parties and award

ceremonies. For the more daring, why not take it one step further and create a

gossip-magazine style wedding album, with those select photos that really capture

the atmosphere!


For further information, such as availability and fees, or for special requests, you can drop me a line @604-992-6392or E-mail

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