I met Rich on a job site, we worked together for a few months.  He was a really down to earth, honest guy.  Hard not to get along with him.  When he told me about his idea, and the company he was starting, I just had to get on board.


Here Comes The First Wave

As their product line and business expands, so will the image library.  If you want to support a local guy with a great product, check these guys out at


A Little About Them


Thickstem was created by Richard Boucher and Jeremy Farr, two strapping young lads from a small town in Ontario that truly believe that Hemp is the way of the future. After moving to Vancouver and being influenced by her beauty and resources, Thickstem was incubated and brought to life! We have a vision of creating a line so comfortable and stylish, yet comical and ironic that speaks to the wearers sense of humour, compassion for nature, and general out look on life. As we attempt to take over the world via our Hemp Chariot we will expand our line into hats, gloves, sweaters, polos, and socks.

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