Audi Driving Experience


Audi Driving Experience

What a day of thrills and excitement! It all started with a phone call from my good friend asking if I would be interested in joining him at Pitt Meadows airport where Audi had 550,000 square feet of track laid out for us.  He said we would be driving the S5 all day while the instructors talk to us via radio on the track. We would have catered breakfast and lunch, as well as a hot lap in the R8 at the end of the day.

“Is that something you think you would want to do with me?” James asks. I try to contain my excitement. I’ve been a stay-at-home dad for the eight months prior. “Of course I want to go!” I said. Heres a bit of the Details I got Via email from Audi.

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We’re excited to confirm your attendance at the Audi driving experience, fall 2012 edition. Here are your event details:

Date November 8, 2012

Time 09:00:00

Venue YPK Integrated Training Centre

Lead Instructor Richard Spenard 

Expect a racetrack experience like no other, complete with advanced driver training and gourmet hospitality. Your day will start with a brief classroom session followed by a series of exhilarating in-car handling activities covering slalom, braking, technology and more.


We showed up a little early. I regret not taking more pictures, but I was here to drive. For once, I completely immersed myself in an experience as opposed to experiencing the day through the lens. Inside, we were greeted and checked in, given our IDs and offered a cappuccino or drink of our choice, non-alcoholic of course, we were about to drive cars at high rates of speed.  They also had muffins, beagles, fruit and other breakfasty type items for us while we waited to start.

The tents were set up really nice, with comfy leather chairs, flat screen TVs for us to watch, and learn from during the classroom training.


We learned about the cars, how they handle, and had a brief in-class track driving instructions, before we headed out to the 550,000 square foot track.  They had it set up in different sections, of coned areas for us to split up and practice in we each got a car and headed out in teams of two. We were encouraged to play with the different suspension, traction control, and engine settings, of course James and I couldn’t help our selves from playing with the stereo as well, which we were able to get away with for the first few sections before we were, lightly scolded.

It was an amazing day with great instructors that left me longing for more.  The food was fabulous as well.  I would really love to go back for the winter driving course they offer, or their full day course. These courses aren’t cheap, but I’m just extremely lucky to have such a awesome friend.

At the end of the day while eating a bowl of soup, before our main course, I had to ask what his motivation was behind this. I mean we have been friends for 16 maybe 17 years (correct me if I’m wrong James). But I just had a feeling something was up.  He calmly told me he had purchased this and was awaiting its arrival just before christmas.

This image was taken shortly after he took delivery.









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